The Makers

We’re convinced that nothing beats handmade and that’s why every single one of our products is made by hand - from beginning to end - by our skilled partner artisans.

The artisans Amara chooses to work with are not only artists but entrepreneurs, leading and growing their own small businesses, and using them to create good employment opportunities for others in their communities.

Head Shoe Maker


A gifted shoe maker and entrepenuer, Orlando was our first ever partner and remains at the very heart of Amara. He's been a shoemaker for over 20 years and runs his own business near Antigua, Guatemala.

Orlando works incredibly hard to grow his business and provide well-paid work to his community.

He currently employs 5 skilled shoemakers, each of whom plays a unique role in the complex shoe-making process. From the measuring, cutting, sewing, molding, shaping, stacking, sculpting, sanding, painting, stamping and finishing, each pair of shoes can take up to 6 hours of intensive labor to complete.

Head Bag Maker


We began working with Estuardo in 2018 and soon discovered his talent for bringing new designs to life.

He's passionate about creating exceptional products that stand out from the rest and loves experimenting with new techniques and materials.

Estuardo employs a team of 5 bag makers, most of whom are members of his family. His mom, Nidia, is his second in command, taking on the role of head sewer and helping him manage the production process. 

Depending on the size and complexity, one Amara bag can take up to 6 hours of meticulous work to complete by hand.

When you buy one of our lovingly hand-crafted products, you support our partner artisans to achieve their goals through sustainable, well-paid work and tools for business growth.