The Leather

Quality leather is at the heart of Amara and we try to source it as ethically as possible, purchasing the majority of our collection from a Leather Working Group (LWG) gold rated tannery in Mexico. The rest we source from small, locally run tanneries in Guatemala. 

Our made-to-order model means that we avoid wasting materials by only purchasing and using what we need.

We work with different kinds of leathers, chosen for their texture, structure and durability to suit each product design.

Full Grain Leather

Full of character

Full grain leather has the natural grain of the hide left perfectly intact, without buffing or correction, maintaining the full natural beauty of the original cowhide. This means that your full grain leather bag or shoes will likely have a few small scars and imperfections, which come from cuts, bug bites and other natural markings that collected on the skin of the cow throughout its life. 

Over time, full grain leather will acquire a beautiful patina, further enhancing the character and individuality of your bag or shoes. It may gradually darken due to the oils in your skin and exposure to the elements and we recommend that you avoid prolonged exposure to intense sunlight, heat, and humidity. Take care with dark denim or other dyed clothing items as the dye can sometimes rub off and stain tanned leathers. Exposure to liquids, oil, dyes or makeup may leave permanent stains, but applying a leather protector can help to avoid this. 

Our full grain vegetable tanned leather (Forest) is the most natural and environmentally friendly of all our leathers, but is the most susceptible to water damage and staining. We strongly recommend avoiding taking this leather out in wet conditions. 

For full grain leathers we love to use a more natural product such as Chamberlain's Leather Milk. We use the straight cleaner to cleanse and clean the leather, the leather care liniment to nourish and condition the leather, and the water protectant to keep it safe from light rain, spills and daily wear and tear. (These are just guidelines and you should always follow the instructions on the product itself).  

If you choose to treat your leather we recommend testing a small, discrete area first before applying to the whole product as some products may darken the color.

Some people prefer to leave the leather completely product-free so they can enjoy its character development and the deepening of the patina in all its natural glory. It all comes down to personal preference.

Washable Leather

Stain resistant

This specially treated full-grain leather has been designed to take whatever life throws at you. It’s resistant to water and stains and can be easily washed with a mild soap and water.

It has a more matte surface than our other full-grain leathers and you’ll find that spills just roll right off it.

No need to treat this leather - it’s already prepared for whatever comes its way.

Suede Leather

Velvety soft

Suede leather comes from the bottom part of the natural cowhide and is brushed to create the beautifully soft, textured surface.

Take care with lighter colored clothing as there can sometimes be some dye transfer from darker suedes. Exposure to liquids, oil, dyes or makeup may leave permanent stains, but applying a leather protector can help to avoid this. 

We recommend protecting your suede items with Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector (or something similar) and keeping the leather clean with a soft suede brush and a diluted suede cleaner applied very sparingly. Leave your items to dry naturally and re-apply the Suede & Nubuck Protector before using them again. Always test a small, discrete area first and allow to dry before applying to the whole product as some treatments may darken the leather. (These are just guidelines and you should always follow the instructions on the protective or cleaning product itself.) 

Vegan Leather

A beautiful alternative

Our vegan leather is a beautiful and durable alternative to real leather. Derived from the Nopal cactus plant, it is kind to the planet and imitates leather with its smooth surface and gentle sheen. It is durable and diverse and over time you’ll find more of our products being offered in this material.

Clean our vegan leather with a damp cloth and mild soap only - avoid any solvents or bleach. There is no need to use a special cleaner or conditioner.